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A breakthrough in volume compensation for empty nose syndrome treatment


exosomes from msc

Dear ENS community!
We know how important it is to you to learn more about our biotech developments for ENS treatment. That is why today we share with you an update on the results of volume deficit treatment in patients with empty nose syndrome using a three-component methylcellulose-based graft with an autologous adipose tissue matrix.
Using an autologous cell-free fat matrix instead of a donor’s provides better tissue recovery. Furthermore, our experience of treating a patient with this approach allows us to conclude that using the patient's own biomaterial results in lower lysis indicators.At the same time, it is important to note that all previous conditions for the use of the matrix, such as the presence of tissue volume deficiency, concomitant support of the nervous system, and complete trust and cooperation with the doctor, remain unchanged. We talked in detail about the conditions for using a three-component graft in our previous articles. Please review them to have a full picture of our approach to ENS treatment.

Why is this use of autologous matrix more effective? No immune response. The autologous matrix is fully biocompatible with the patient's tissues.The recovery period is significantly reduced.
Also, the results of our patients confirm that the use of exosomes for ENS treatment gives an additional significant positive effect. Today, in specific cases of our patients, we can see the unequivocal results of our approach:● improvement of trophic tissue; moisturizing the mucous membrane; significant reduction or complete absence of inflammation.
Besides, an important factor in the success of our methods is the minimal invasiveness and comfort of the procedure. We are convinced that aggressive surgical interventions can further worsen the condition of injured nasal tissue.


GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders

GOOD CELLS biotechnology company is the first in Ukraine to start producing high-quality cell-free products. The GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders product contains a unique composition of exosomes from adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells and dental pulp neural crest-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
The product is intended for:
reduction of the inflammatory process in the nasal cavity
improving the local immune system regulation
improvement of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity
improving the feeling of airflow in the nose
as a result — reducing the severity of subjective symptoms

ENS treatment at GOOD CELLS

Any person suffering from ENS accompanied by tissue volume deficiency can already be treated with our method today.
GOOD CELLS offers an individual approach, a personalized selection of biotechnological products that would be most effective in a specific case as well as the doctor provides a prognosis of the effectiveness of therapy. We consider any case, even the most difficult, and make all efforts to help people with ENS recover.
Please contact us at moc.sllecdoog%40emoclew to learn more about our approaches and to schedule a consultation with a doctor or biotechnologist.
Stay safe!

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