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Safe stem cells

Good Cells laboratory

We produce safe and high-quality cellular products according to international standards.

Safe laboratory

Biotechnological laboratory

Laboratory of Cell Cultures and Tissue Engineering GOOD CELLS is one of the few in Ukraine where you can work with different adult cells and create tissue engineering materials. All employees of the laboratory are constantly improving their skills and conducting research. The staff of the laboratory is continuously improving their skills and conducting research.
The laboratory consists of: sterile and conditionally sterile zones; storage space; laundry room.
Temperature, humidity, and air filtration in the lab are permanently controlled. It allows keeping the area sterile. There are also two locks for changing.
The laboratory is equipped with: boxes with laminar airflow for laboratory manipulations; CO2 incubators for culturing human cells; centrifuges of different power; microscopes; water baths; rocking chairs; all necessary reagents, mixtures, and media.
In 2020, we provided the laboratory with modern equipment for the production of an exosomal product.

Our technologies

Material and technical base

GOOD CELLS is proud of its modern material and technical support that allows our biotechnologists to create products and conduct research at the highest level that meets international quality standards.


CO2 incubators

The uniqueness of CO2 incubators of the laboratory lies in the ability to regulate not just temperature, CO2 concentration, and humidity, but also oxygen concentration. This, in turn, makes it possible to maximize stem cell culture conditions to physiological conditions and thus improving their quality.


Centrifuges of different power

The laboratory is equipped with four centrifuges of different capacities and temperatures. They allow to carry out successful manipulations with biological material and stem cells without damaging their integrity.



Inverted phase-contrast microscopes and a microscope with the possibility of fluorescence study allow biotechnologists to assess the state of stem cell culture (shape, size, proliferative activity).


Laminar flow hood

Laminar flow hoods are designed to conduct laboratory manipulations with cell cultures in a completely sterile area.


Flow cytometry

Modern flow cytofluorimeter DxFlex Beckman counter allows to determine the viability of stem cells, their concentration, phenotype, and many other necessary parameters.



Stem cells, grown to the required number, are securely stored frozen in the laboratory's own cryobank.

Safe stem cells

The main stages of stem cell production


Mechanic fragmentation of the tissue


Enzymatic treatment of the tissue


Obtaining the primary culture 


Cell production


Criteria for determination


Screening for infections and endotoxins




Laboratory products


Our achievements