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Obesity treatment

Treatment of obesity of various origins with cell therapy methods.

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Treatment of obesity with biotechnological methods

Obesity is a disorder of metabolism. Improvements are observed on average 3 months after the procedure.

Roman Sulik, MD, coordinator of cell therapy programs, neurologist of the highest qualification category.

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Causes of obesity

The vicious circle of "obesity - depression - obesity" can be opened.

Obesity is not a cosmetic problem but a disease. This disease occurs for various reasons, including heredity, metabolic syndrome, and other endocrine or neuroendocrine system disorders. Alimentary obesity can also be one of the reasons. The tactics of each treatment are chosen according to the cause of the problem.

Obesity is often a precursor to cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and cancer, so scientists worldwide are looking for ways to fight it.

Doctors at
GOOD CELLS will help determine the cause of the disease and offer an individual treatment program according to the specific cause of the problem in you.

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For whom is this treatment?

People with genetically inherited obesity, obesity caused by disorders of the neurotransmitter, endocrine or neuroendocrine systems, alimentary obesity, etc.Patients should be older than 18.
Contraindications to cell therapy:
oncological diseases or their presence in the anamnesis for the last five years; pregnancy; psychiatric disorders; alcohol and drug addiction.

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Obesity treatment program

The effectiveness of treatment in each case is different — from 30% to 80%, depending on the type of obesity.

In most cases, we use umbilical cord or adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cells to treat obesity. The main task of these cells is to regulate the immune and endocrine systems, increase the sensitivity of receptors on the outer membrane of cells to hormones circulating in the blood, and mediators of tissue homeostasis.

If disorders of the nervous system cause obesity, the doctor may prescribe multipotent stem cells derived from the neural crest. This type of cell has a neuroprotective effect and can restore the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Safe stem cells

The treatment process

  • 1. Consultation with a manager

    Contact our managers with no obligations on your side. At this step, we gather your medical information and confirm the diagnosis. After that, we'll arrange a free online or offline consultation with a doctor.

  • 2. Consultation with a doctor

    A personal consultation with a doctor is an excellent opportunity for you to find out all details of the program and get an individual prognosis. All the medical information you provide will be carefully reviewed so that you get the most effective treatment. The procedures take place in our clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine.
    The course of the treatment is developed individually and lasts around 3 days.

  • 3. Checkup

    During the checkup, the doctor assesses your readiness for cell therapy. If the assessment is positive, biological materials are taken. Depending on your doctor's recommendations, you may be prescribed your own* or donor stem cells.

    * If you are prescribed the treatment with your own cells, you will have an ear punch biopsy performed under anesthesia in an operating room. The procedure lasts for 15 minutes. The punch depth is up to 4 mm, and the diameter is up to 3 mm.

  • 4. Preparation of the stem cell product

    After the biomaterials are collected, our team of biotechnologists will prepare a therapeutic dose of stem cells. In our laboratory, we will select stem cells from your sample, grow the required number of cells, test them, then create a stem cell product for your treatment. Usually, the production takes up to 21 days.

    According to the doctor's prescription, the biotechnologist will select a ready-made and pre-tested sample of donor cells from our cryobank in the required quantity. In this case, cell injection can happen immediately after diagnosis and drug preparation.

  • 5. Start of treatment

    You will have a consultation with a doctor, ultrasound, additional diagnostics, and tests during the first visit to the clinic.

  • 6. Pharmacological therapy

    Based on the diagnostic results, your doctor will prescribe metabolic therapy and detox therapy.

  • 7. Injection of the cellular product, the regeneration phase

    As part of your treatment, you will receive metabolic and detox therapy and intravenous cell therapy. Depending on the leading cause of the disease, you may be prescribed perilymphatic administration of the cell product.

  • 8. Medical assessment report and weakening of the basic treatment 

    You will be provided with a medical assessment report that states the diagnosis, the examination results (clinical, laboratory, and instrumental), the treatment process, and further recommendations. The doctor will examine you, select the necessary treatment, or adjust the one prescribed to you at the time of arrival at the clinic.

  • 9. Keeping in touch

    The first results of treatment you can see in two weeks after the procedure. But the main effects are observed after the regeneration of the organism. This usually occurs 3-6 months after treatment.
    During this period, the manager will connect you and offer to fill out a questionnaire. The doctor will ask about the success of the treatment, and you will be able to ask your questions as well.

    You will have a personal manager throughout the program. It will ensure constant communication between you and the clinic. And after the end of the program, keep in touch with you to track the positive dynamics.

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  • Does this treatment mean that I will return to the physical condition I had before the illness?

    Yes, it is possible, but only if you follow all the doctor's recommendations, including diet, sleep, and physical activity.

  • Does cell therapy destroy fat cells/deposits?

    No, it does not. Cell therapy restores the glands and tissues of the body. Restoration of glands strengthens the protective functions of the body, speeds up metabolism and cleansing functions of the body. Due to this powerful effect, weight and body shape are normalized. Restoration of tissue structure improves its elasticity, density, and natural proportions between muscle tissue on fat deposits.

  • For how long should I keep to a diet after recovery?

    You should keep a diet throughout life. Discipline in nutrition will allow stem cells to work for you as effectively as possible for up to 7 years. An unbalanced and unsystematic diet will significantly limit the natural regeneration of tissues.

Safe stem cells

Do you have any questions left?

Please contact us, our managers are always ready to answer your questions. Consultation by phone is completely free and does not oblige you to anything.We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information so that you could make the right choice!