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The use of stem cells in medicine is a prime example of how science can change the quality of life for the better.

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Safe stem cells

From science to medicine

The history of stem cells began in the 1960s, when Alexander Friedenstein, born in Kyiv, identified a special cell type in the bone marrow that would later be called a mesenchymal stem cell. Today, mesenchymal stem cells have found usage in heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic disorders treatment, also wound healing, recovery of the musculoskeletal system, rejuvenation, and even rehabilitation.


About stem cells

What are stem cells? What are their types? How are stem cells grown? Learn more about that.


Stem cell transplantation

How to prepare stem cells for transplantation? What are the types and methods of stem cell transplants, also their benefits?


Clinical trials

What do the results of clinical trials say about stem cell therapy?



We answer the most common questions about stem cells.