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Our achievements

The recipe for success for the GOOD CELLS team is a combination of active scientific research with real clinical practice. It allows choosing the most effective solution for any medical problem.

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Scientific publications

The work of the GOOD CELLS biotechnologists and doctors is presented to the scientific community in peer-reviewed publications for international and domestic professional journals. This indicates a high level of research and positive feedback from international experts.

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Application of autologous endometrial mesenchymal stromal/stem cells increases thin endometrium receptivity: a case report

I. M. Sapozhak, О. S. Gubar, A. E. Rodnichenko & A. V. Zlatska. Med Case Reports (2020)

The article describes a successful experience of using endometrial MSCs to restore the receptivity of the patient's thin endometrium, leading to a long-awaited pregnancy.

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Effect of the deuterium on efficiency and type of adipogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells in vitro

Zlatska A., Vasyliev R.G., Gordiienko I.M. et al. Scientific Reports (2020) 

The study showed that different deuterium content affects the efficiency and type of formation of adipose tissue cells. As adipose tissue is one of the key players in the development of obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, water with different deuterium content can serve as a promising additional tool for the correction and prevention of pathological conditions.

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Comparative Analysis of Biological Properties of Large-Scale Expanded Adult Neural Crest-Derived Stem Cells Isolated from Human Hair Follicle and Skin Dermis

Vasyliev R.G., Gubar O.S., Gordiienko I.M. et al. Stem Cells International (2019) 

The study shows a comparative analysis of the biological and phenotypic properties of neural crest-stem cells isolated from hair follicles and skin dermis.

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Expression of estrogen and progesterone receptors by human endometrial multipotent mesenchymal stromal/stem cells in vitro under hypoxia condition

Zlatska A.V., Gordiienko I.M., Zubov D.O. et al. "Biotechnologia Acta" (2019)

In this work, the level of expression of surface receptors to progesterone and estrogen in the culture of endometrial mesenchymal stromal/stem cells was investigated. The state of their expression under different culture conditions was evaluated.

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Endometrial stromal cells: isolation, expansion, morphological and functional properties

Zlatska, A.V., Rodnichenko, A.E., Gubar, O.S. et al. Experimental oncology (2017)

The paper presents a complete characterization of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells isolated from a minimal endometrial biopsy, including growth pattern, phenotype, ability to differentiate, karyotype, and secretion.

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Empty nose syndrome pathogenesis and cell-based biotechnology products as a new option for treatment

Gordiienko IM, Gubar OS, Sulik R, Kunakh T, Zlatskiy I, Zlatska A. World J Stem Cells (2021)

Our biotechnologists and doctors have conducted an in-depth study of empty nose syndrome and modern implant materials used to treat the disease around the world. The results of the study are presented in the article.

Safe stem cells


The findings of the company's biotechnologists and doctors are protected and secured according to international standards.

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    A method of manufacturing a cell-free exosome-containing biotechnological product for external use to stimulate scalp regeneration and hair growth

    The method can be used to reduce the severity of hair loss, stimulating scalp regeneration, and hair growth.

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    A method of treating osteoarthritis of the knee joints

    The method ensures low invasiveness of the intervention, does not require the patient to be hospitalized, allows to improve the results of treatment, reduce its time, to eliminate the pain, to accelerate the restoration of the structure of the affected area of cartilage and ligaments, can significantly reduce the volume of standard treatment for this and concomitant pathology, reduce rehabilitation time and significantly improve quality of life.

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    A method of treating age-related changes and/or scarring of facial skin

    The result achieved by the utility model will improve the texture of facial skin: increase its thickness and elasticity, reduce the number of wrinkles and their depth, significantly change the microstructure of the dermis — increase tissue blood flow, increase the volume and hydration of the intercellular matrix, increase the amount of neoplasm.

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    A method of manufacturing a biomaterial from bone tissue

    The invention relates to medicine, namely to the technology of manufacturing biomaterials, which usea as a plastic material in surgical replacement of bone defects in orthopedics, traumatology, and other areas of reconstructive surgery.

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    A method of treating type 2 diabetes

    The utility model belongs to medicine, namely to endocrinology, cell therapy, and can be used to treat type 2 diabetes.

Safe stem cells

International scientific conferences

Scientific conferences are a unique platform for communication between doctors and scientists, also specialists in various fields. There, one can be inspired for new ideas or find a critical assessment of his/her work. That is why the GOOD CELLS team actively presents the results of their work at international and domestic scientific conferences.