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Safe stem cells

Regenerative medicine for your health

Stem cells regenerate your body daily. We help them do it more effectively.
GOOD CELLS is a powerful biotechnology company that works for your health.

  Safe stem cells

Regenerative medicine for your health

Stem cells regenerate our bodies on a daily basis throughout life.
GOOD CELLS is a team of professionals who run a potent biotechnology laboratory and a clinic. We use the natural resources of your body for the treatment of various diseases.

Safe stem cells

Treatment, anti-aging, rehabilitation programs, and bio insurance

Stem cells in medicine are an effective and safe tool for treating diseases, general rejuvenation, and recovery of the body. All our programs are created especially for your needs. The basic courses of the clinic are described below.

Fertility restoration with stem cells

Improving the quality of life with the ALS

The usage of stem cells for the nervous system degeneration treatment

Restoring the muscle strength during regeneration processes

Integral recovery by stem cells

Healing the ulcers and necrosis at the skin of limbs

Improving the quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis

Treatment of Т2D. Leveling the disease consequences

Treatment of obesity of various nature, weight stabilization



Improving the symptoms of autism disorder

Restoration of gonadal function

Restoration of health erection

Reducing the joint pain and regeneration of connective tissues

Reducing the backache and improving the musculoskeletal system

Improving breathing and nasal mucosa function

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Biobanking of the stem cells from extraembryonic materials

Biobanking of the stem cells from the pulp of the tooth or palate

Biobanking of the stem cells from adult persons, multiple sources

Facial regeneration and rejuvenation

Overall health restoration

Innovative techniques for the stimulation of hair growth

Acceleration of tissue regeneration after coronavirus

Tissue regeneration for the rehabilitation after the professional athletic injury

Improving of neural connections, restoration of motor and communicative skills

Using safe stem cells

Our patients about us

Your feedback is always welcome, but we do not insist on it. We protect the privacy of our patients.

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Innovative biotechnological company


Restoring health and ensuring longevity is our responsibility and vocation.


GOOD CELLS is a Ukrainian innovative medical company with a high-capacity biotechnology laboratory, clinic, and team. It was formed as a result of the rebranding of ilaya.regeneration — a company that has been successfully operating in the market since 2010.
We select an individual program for each of our patients. This allows you to take full advantage of regenerative medicine and get the best results.

Our advantages:

    Real experience not only in the production and storage of stem cells but also in stem cell-based treatment.
    Own biotechnology laboratory and cryobank.
    Only science-based medical solutions.
    Transparent relations with clients: pricing, expected result, long-term support.

15 years

Experience of our specialists in the field of stem cell application

5 billions

Permanently operating bank of different stem cell types


Patients who have improved their health

Responsible treatment


Our team is a team of indifferent people. Our advantages are experience and quality. Our value is your health.

Types of stem cells

Unique types of stem cells for the treatment of infertility and the restoration of neural and connective tissue.

Result monitoring

Tracking treatment results. We stay in touch with you up to 2 years after the treatment.

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Stem cell bank

Permanent cell bank with a reserve of 5 billion stem cells.


Stem cell cultivation

Your stem cells do not age because we mimic the conditions of the human body for them in the process of production.

Health Insurance

Bio insurance

Bio insurance at any age. Painless and fast — just 15 minutes.


Safe cells

Adult mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow, fat, umbilical cord, endometrium, etc., neural crest-derived stem cells, and many others.

Team of experts

Our team

The GOOD CELLS medical team is caring and responsible people who strive for your health and longevity.


Alyona Zlatska

Head of the biotechnology laboratory

Co-author of more than 30 scientific publications and declaratory patents for utility model invention. More than 12 years of experience working with stem cells.


Roman Sulik

Medical coordinator of stem cell programs

The doctor of the highest qualification category, MD. More than 15 years of experience in applying cellular technologies. More than 150 scientific articles and patents.


Inna Sapozhak

Fertility specialist, gynecologist-endocrinologist

The doctor of the highest qualification category, MD. Director of the umbilical cord blood bank. Co-author of endometrial regeneration techniques. More than 15 years of experience.

Individual computation


We develop an individual program for each of our clients, according to his requests. The total price of services is calculated after diagnostics and the creation of the program.
The cost of the course depends on the required dose and type of stem cells, the need for medication, and additional service.
We provide a detailed estimate of all the services that are included in your treatment plan.
We are always ready to answer all your questions.

Bio insurance

For newborns, children from three years, teenagers, and adults.

Starts from 1500 USD

1 patient 1 type of stem cells 1-year storage in a cryobank biopsy cost not included source of stem cells: skin biopsy, lipoaspirate, palate biopsy, dental pulp, extraembryonic tissues, etc.


For adults only. Obligatory free primary consultation.

Starts from 3500 USD

1 patient1 type of stem cellsmedication personal manager post-treatment support up to 2 years + 25% of the cost for programs based on your own stem cells.

Innovative solutions

We offer unique types of stem cells and patented treatment programs. The clinic is constantly conducting research.

Working hours

We are waiting for you: Mon - Fri ...........08:00 — 20:00 Saturday ...........08:00 — 16:00 Sunday ..............Closed

The team

Our advantage is many years of experience in the production and use of biotech products. We are a team of professionals.


The assistance of a personal manager

Stem cell treatment requires an individual approach.

Your personal manager will be with you all the time: from the first consultation until the end of the program. They will also be in touch after the program to help you keep track of positive changes in your health.


● Safe stem cells ●

We are always in touch

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We are from Ukraine and we are proud of that!

Innovative medical company GOOD CELLS was founded and developed in Kyiv. We implement the best standards of cell therapy and stem cell production.

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    We consider a wide range of medical cases where traditional methods are ineffective.

  • B2B

    Production and R&D. Contact us by email moc.sllecdoog%40emoclew


Safe stem cells

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