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Privacy Policy

This website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) belongs by right of ownership to the Medical company "GOOD CELLS", EDRPOU code 43676435 (hereinafter referred to as the Medical company). All objects of intellectual property rights that are available on the website, except in cases where this is indicated separately, belong by right of ownership to the Medical company.
Medical company "GOOD CELLS" is committed to protecting the privacy of people who visit our website and use our online tools. This Privacy Policy contains the procedure for collecting, processing and using personal data. Please note that you accept this Privacy Policy when viewing the Website.

Section I. Confidential information

Confidential data (information) includes:
1. Personal Information provided by the Patient;2.Data transmitted automatically when visiting the website: IP address, information about the browser, duration of stay on the website, address of the website from which the link was made, etc.;3.Data on the Patient's request for medical help, the results of laboratory tests, as well as other information about the Patient's state of health, which in accordance with the current legislation is confidential information.

II. Rights and obligations of the Patient

1. The Patient shall be entitled to:1.2. Use all the technical features of the Medical Company's website;1.3. Have access to any public information posted on the Website;1.4. To preserve his/her personal data from third parties under the conditions defined by the current legislation of Ukraine and the provisions of this Privacy Policy;1.5. Use information from the Website for personal and non-commercial purposes.
2. The Patient shall:2.1. Use the Website only for purposes that do not contradict the agreements between the Patient (User) and the Medical company, the current legislation of Ukraine and the principles of morality;2.3. Be responsible to third parties for his/her actions or omissions when using the Website;2.4. Independently and at his/her own expense settle all claims of third parties related to the Patient's actions or omissions when using the Website.
3. The Patient shall not:3.1. Incite religious, racial or ethnic hatred;3.2. Perform actions that violate the honor and dignity, rights and freedom of any person;3.3. Use any information from the Website for commercial purposes.

III. Rights and obligations of the Medical company

1. Medical company "GOOD CELLS" shall be entitled to:1.1. Establish, change and cancel in writing the regime of confidential information in accordance with the current legislation;1.2. Use information constituting a trade secret and/or confidential information for its own needs in a manner that does not contradict the law;1.3. Allow or prohibit access to information that is confidential information, determine the procedure and conditions for access to this information;1.4. Require legal entities and individuals who have obtained access to confidential information, state authorities, other state bodies, and local self-government bodies that have been provided with confidential information to comply with their obligations to protect its confidentiality;1.5. Require persons who have gained access to confidential information as a result of actions performed accidentally or mistakenly to protect the confidentiality of this information;1.6 Send advertising informational messages to the Patient - if the Patient wants to refuse to receive mailings from the Company, he/she must inform the Medical company about this in any way convenient for him/her.
2. Medical company "GOOD CELLS" shall:2.1. Protect, in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation, this Policy, labor and civil law contracts, its rights in case of disclosure, illegal receipt or illegal use by third parties of confidential information, including to demand compensation for losses caused in connection with the violation of its rights.

IV. Disclosure of confidential information and personal data

1.The Medical company shall be released from the obligation to comply with the Privacy Policy regarding the Patient's personal data if the Patient independently publicly discloses personal data.2. The Medical company shall have the right to distribute the Patient's personal data with the appropriate written permission of the Patient.

V. Destruction and deletion of personal data

1. Personal data for the collection, accumulation, processing, storage and use of which the consumer provides access to the Medical company shall be subject to deletion or destruction in the following cases:
- termination of legal relations between the Patient and the Medical company;
- publication of the relevant order of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights or officials of the secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights designated by him/her;
- entry into force of a court decision on the deletion or destruction of personal data.

We highly value the confidentiality of your personal information and make sure that you feel completely safe with us!