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Bio insurance for children

Bio insurance programs can be tailored to your needs and quality of life expectations.

Safe stem cells

Healthy future for your child!

If you haven’t had time to take an umbilical cord blood sample to obtain stem cells, now you have the opportunity to use your child’s deciduous teeth for this!

There is a hermetically closed space, which contains unique multipotent neural crest-derived stem cells in the deciduous tooth’s pulp. Neural crest-derived stem cells have unique differentiation properties and can give rise to the cells of different tissues and organs:
bones; cartilage; peripheral nerves; brain and spinal cord; cornea and other structures of the eye; blood vessels and even the heart.


Safe stem cells


Doctor's consultation

Isolation, cultivation, and storage of stem cells

Issuance of stem cells passport

Cryopreservation and storage of stem cells

Safe stem cells

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