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Bio insurance for children

A unique bio insurance program for the future health of your children.

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Health insurance

Bio insurance of children

Cord blood collection is not the only way to save child's stem cells. Biotechnology company GOOD CELLS offers to use the body's full natural potential for regeneration and recovery.

Bio insurance for children is a program for the preservation of young stem cells of the body, derived from the pulp of deciduous teeth, for use throughout life for medical and cosmetic purposes. The pulp of the deciduous tooth has a hermetically sealed space, which contains unique stem cells derived from the neural crest.

Why would you store stem cells?
Stem cells give rise to all types of cells in the body. Throughout life, cells of various tissues are replaced both during natural renewal and during damage. At the same time there is an activation of stem cells. Stem cells preserved at a young age have a high regenerative potential. In this way, you will give your child a chance to use cells effectively to treat many diseases or injuries throughout life.


GOOD CELLS is the only company in Ukraine that offers a unique and affordable stem cell preservation program for children.
Benefits of bio insurance at GOOD CELLS:1. Simple, painless, non-traumatic and fast procedure of sampling to isolate stem cells from the tooth;2. Testing of stem cells for compliance with the criteria for determination: correct morphology, high viability, phenotype, ability to form colonies, the potential for differentiation;3. Examination of cells for infectious lesions;4. Creation of a personal master bank of the child's stem cells;5. Full cycle of work with cells: from collection to application in practice.6. Accompaniment of personal manager;7. The reserve of cells will be enough for use throughout life;8. Individual logistics is included in the cost of the service;9. Accompanying the export of the master bank abroad.
No need to spend extra time looking for a clinic for treatment. All treatments, rehabilitation and rejuvenation procedures can be performed at GOOD CELLS.


Would you like to learn more? 

Please download your PDF brochure for more information about GOOD CELLS' bio insurance for children service.

International experience

From birth to age 70, the concentration of stem cells in the human body decreases by about 100 times.
Due to this, the body's ability to repair damaged organs and tissues is reduced.
However, there is a solution to this problem, and for many years the method of bio insurance has been successfully used in the world.

● 1 million people in the EU and the US have already benefited from stem cell therapy.

● New scientific articles on the use of stem cells are published every day.

● More than 6,000 registered clinical trials.

How bio insurance is carried out



Consultation with a dentist and agree on the date of tooth extraction


Cryocontainer delivery and coordination with your dentist


Tooth extraction and delivery of material by courier to the GOOD CELLS laboratory


Isolation, cultivation and examination of stem cells


Storage of stem cells in the cryobank of GOOD CELLS


Issuance of a cell culture passport with a guarantee of quality

Safe stem cells


Neural crest-derived stem cells 

Stem cells derived from the neural crest have unique properties of differentiation and can be transformed into cells of various tissues and organs:
● bones, cartilage
● skin
● brain and spinal cord
● peripheral nerves
● cornea and other eye structures
● blood vessels and even the heart!

● bone regeneration: fractures and other pathologies
● cartilage restoration: arthritis, osteoarthritis, other diseases of the joints
● skin restoration: burns, cosmetic defects
● degenerative and demyelinating diseases
● diseases of the nervous system: multiple sclerosis, spinal hernias
● eye diseases: glaucoma, retinopathy, retinal detachment, etc.
● heart disease: heart attack, myocarditis
● autoimmune diseases
● type II diabetes mellitus

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    Multiputent stem cells derived from the neural crest differ from traditional MSCs by high potential for migration, expression of neural crest markers, susceptibility to neuronal and glial differentiation, a wide range of synthesized substances.

    Numerous studies have shown that stem cells with nerve comb properties are stored in the hair follicle, skin dermis, adipose tissue, bone marrow, palate, nasal mucosa, tooth pulp and more.

Safe stem cells

Opinion of a biotechnologist

Bioinsurance is a healthy future
your child!

Safe stem cells

FAQ about bio insurance for children

  • What are the benefits of preserving stem cells in childhood?

    Cells preserved in childhood have a greater therapeutic potential than cells of the adult. Stem cells derived from the neural crest in childhood, in turn, are the youngest cells of this type in human life. Thus, they will have greater efficiency and speed of action in future applications.

  • Who performs a tooth extraction?

    The tooth extraction of a child is performed by a dentist under sterile conditions.

  • Is there any difference from which tooth to extract cells?

    For the comfort of the child, stem cells are usually isolated from deciduous teeth that are already wobbly. However, stem cells are found in the pulp of any tooth, including wisdom teeth. Adults can also take advantage of bioinsurance when removing wisdom teeth.

  • Is it possible to isolate cells from a tooth with caries?

    No, damaged teeth are not suitable for the isolation of stem cells from them, because the sterility of the tooth pulp is violated, and this can affect the quality of cellular material.

  • Is it possible to transport cells abroad?

    Yes, our team will help prepare all the necessary documents for the transportation of the master bank abroad.

Safe stem cells

Cryopreservation and storage of stem cells

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