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Stem cell treatment programs

The following treatment programs are the essential services we offer but are not limited to those. In case of a non-standard request, please contact us directly to receive a personalized consultation.

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Restoration of fertility with the help of stem cells

The usage of stem cells for the nervous system degeneration treatment

Improving the quality of life with the ALS

Integral recovery by stem cells

Healing the ulcers and necrosis at the skin of limbs

Improving the quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis

Treatment of type 2 diabetes. Leveling the disease consequences

Treatment of obecity of various nature. Weight stabilization



Improving the symptoms of autism disorder

Restoration of gonadal function

Restoration of healthy erection

Restoring the muscle strength during regeneration processes

Reducing the backache and improving the musculoskeletal system

Reducing the joint pain and regenerating connective tissues

Improving breathing and nasal mucosa function

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