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Mandatory recommendations for ENS treatment using a three-component graft



We are happy that so many people are interested in our three-component graft. A new biotechnology product based on methylcellulose can help patients with nasal volume deficiency.
Our team of biotechnologists has been working to develop its optimal formula for a long time. At the same time, doctors formed injection protocols and principles of therapy using a three-component graft based on their treatment experience. And thanks to the support and trust of our patients, we could identify key recommendations for the effective use of the graft:

1. Sequence of actions.

It is extremely important in cases when an increasing mucosa area is needed. The mucosa can recover, but this process is limited. Therefore, it is essential to gradually increase the volume so that the mucosa can fully restore its functions.Our specialists do not recommend significantly increasing the volume of the nasal sinuses at once. It should be done gradually and "comfortably" for the mucosa so that the vessels germinate, the tissue tolerates the lysis period after an injection well, and the volume remains stable. The next injections are needed for correction. The average volume we recommend for one injection is about 2 ml.

2. Don't touch it.

It is very important not to injure or touch the injection site. Excessive examinations by doctors and self-examinations are unnecessary because they increase the risk of injuries and infections.Excessive inflammation provokes increased lysis of the graft. If the tissue is not inflamed, the chances of its healing and transforming into functional connective tissue are greatly increased. Compliance with this point helps to increase the chances of more successful graft adhesion and reduces the need for additional injections.

3. Using autologous materials.

The new results of graft application obtained by our team show that in the case of using autologous materials, the lysis of the three-component graft is less. We strive to ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment results. That is why now, we offer the biotechnological graft only with the use of autologous materials.

4. Common treatment strategy.

We are convinced that an effective result can be obtained only with a common strategy for the ENS treatment. Therefore, we urge our patients to inform our doctors about their plans for additional treatment outside of GOOD CELLS, especially when it comes to invasive procedures. If the patient, in addition to the prescribed treatment, plans to deal with other problems in the nasal cavity (sinusitis, membrane perforation, etc.), we should be aware of this. This is necessary in order to assess the effect on the graft and prevent damage to it. The sequence of actions will help to preserve the result and not waste time and resources spent on previous treatment.It is very important that the patient adheres to our overall treatment strategy. We need to be on the same side and go together towards a common goal — recovery.
Any treatment is a collaboration between the patient and the doctor. There should be no secrets or misunderstandings between them when it comes to health. All uncoordinated actions are fraught with less effective treatment and failed expectations.
We hope that this information will help you understand our approach better and be more informed when making decisions about treatment.

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