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The mechanism of the ENS effect on the nervous system and medication intake



We are aware that ENS is a complex problem that greatly affects the quality of human life. Below we would like to give an explanation of the mechanisms of interaction of all organs, the consequences of their violation, as well as clarify the need for taking medication.

Damage to the nervous and immune systems caused by ENS

ENS is a type of injury, the loss of an important piece of tissue in the architecture of the nose and therefore the loss of vital functions of the nose. As a result of trauma, the body of a patient with ENS experiences shock and stress. As a result, the body is forced to adapt to the trauma. The nervous system is responsible for the breathing process, therefore, a patient with ENS will get a huge strain on the nervous system. Normally, the breathing process is automated, occurs unconsciously and the attention of the brain is passive. At the same time, patients with ENS experience excessive wear and tear of the nervous system due to the constant concentration of the brain on vital body function. In turn, the nervous system has a direct effect on the immune system. If the nervous system is overwhelmed, the immune system becomes aggressive and sleep disturbance appears. Sleep disturbance provokes disturbances of the hormonal system (since some hormones are produced only during sleep). The immune system, in turn, also depends on stress level and the hormonal system. This begins to destroy the perception and the body's ability to adapt to new conditions. Indeed, a domino effect is observed. To summarize, a patient with ENS simultaneously has 3 injuries: physical trauma (damage to the receptor apparatus/violation of the architecture of the nose) + overloaded nervous system + unstable immunity. That is why it is important to undergo comprehensive treatment.

Comprehensive ENS treatment

Comprehensive treatment includes restoration of the architecture of the nose, its tissue and restoration of the nervous system, which allows the brain to correctly read breathing signals. That is why, in addition to restoring the volume of tissues, it is necessary to take medications to restore the nervous system. This reduces the stress on the nervous system and reduces the activity of the immune system, which, in turn, speeds up the rehabilitation process.
During the treatment, we see that refusal to take medications has a negative impact on results and delays recovery. It is very important to understand that the patient and the doctor take the responsibility for the results of treatment equally. Therefore, we kindly ask all patients to be considerate and responsible. The success of the treatment of each patient directly depends on following all the doctor's recommendations.

The program of ENS treatment with the biotechnological graft

We do not hide that our treatment technology is new. We publicly demonstrate the process of developing new medical solutions. At the same time, we understand how difficult it is to trust after trying many other ineffective treatments. And we thank everyone who is reading this article, continuing to look for a solution, and we respect for a deliberate and considered decision to apply or not to apply biotechnology. In any case, when contacting our clinic for treatment, we count on a responsible approach and awareness on your part. In response to comments about the cost of treatment at our clinic, we assure you that ENS treatment at GOOD CELLS is not a commercial project right now. We invest all the money that we receive, the time and efforts of the best employees in the study of ENS and the further development of treatment technologies. We continue to invest in equipment and search for an efficient method in order to finally find the best solution. Since ENS involves damage to many tissues, we are confident that biotechnology is the best medical solution.
Thank you for reading our message to the end. We work for you and hope to have an effective dialogue. The GOOS CELLS team will do their utmost to provide effective treatment for every patient.

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