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Scientific article on treatment approaches for ENS in the World Journal of Stem Cells



The GOOD CELLS team is glad to present an article on the empty nose syndrome treatment called "Empty nose syndrome pathogenesis and cell-based biotechnology products as a new option for treatment" which is published in the authoritative specialized edition — "World Journal of Stem Cells".

Article publication

This publication is the result of the hard work and significant efforts of our team, toward which we had been moving for almost a year. Our biotechnologists and doctors have conducted an in-depth study of empty nose syndrome and modern implant materials used to treat the disease around the world. We are proud of our specialists who have been working diligently all this time.

About ENS and ENS treatment

Empty nose syndrome (ENS) is a rare complication that develops after partial or complete turbinectomy. This condition leads to the development of ENS symptomatology such as dyspnea, nasal dryness, nasal burning, nasal obstruction, a feeling of suffocation, and even comorbid psychiatric disorders that significantly impair life quality.
Today, the most common biomaterials used for surgical reconstruction of the nasal sinuses in ● patients with ENS are: porous polyethylene (Medpor); cartilage; cell-free dermis (Alloderm).
From the study, we see that these methods, unfortunately, do not give a stable result. That is why doctors are still looking for the ideal material for such a reconstruction.

What cell types are used in the treatment of ENS in GOOD CELLS?

GOOD CELLS Clinic began the search for a new biotechnology solution for patients with empty nose syndrome a long time ago. In the future, the development will help to deal with the problems associated with the loss of connective tissue volume of the nasal sinuses. We have been selecting components for our new product for a long time to reduce its absorption and provide the most natural conditions for stem cells. After that, we conducted in vitro testing of a biotechnological product on animals, which showed quite encouraging results. In the near future, we will publish the results of new research using our biotechnological product, which will be able to improve the lives of many patients with ENS.
We sincerely believe that the efforts of our entire team and the support of the community will lead to the discovery of an innovative method of empty nose syndrome treatment.
We will be grateful for spreading this article and feedback. Follow our news — will be interesting and useful!

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