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The possibility of free ENS treatment at GOOD CELLS


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Dear ENS community,

Thank you for following our news and being interested in the activities of GOOD CELLS medical company. Our team continues to search for new opportunities to treat empty nose syndrome and develop new biotech products. Even in this difficult time, we continue to accept patients with ENS in the clinic and provide online consultations with a doctor and biotechnologist for everyone who chooses treatment with regenerative technologies.

GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders

We are pleased to inform you that the GOOD CELLS team of biotechnologists has developed a new exosome-containing product — GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders. This unique biotechnological product can be used in diseases with neurological manifestations, including damage to the nerve endings of the nasal mucosa in patients with ENS.
Neurological manifestations of ENS include: dysfunction of the receptor apparatus of the nose impaired functioning of the mucous membrane
The exosomes for this product are made from mesenchymal stem cells of adipose tissue and neural crest-derived mesenchymal stem cells from dental pulp. These producer cells have properties that best affect the functionality of the nervous system, in particular, reducing the inflammatory process and improving the regeneration of nerve cells.
When using GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders to improve the condition of patients with empty nose syndrome, we expect the following effects: reduction of the inflammatory process in the nasal cavity improving the local regulation of the immune system improvement of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity improving the feeling of airflow in the nose as a result — a decrease in the severity of subjective symptoms


The possibility of free use of the exosome-containing product GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders for patients with ENS

We offer free use of the exosome-containing product GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders as part of the GOOD CELLS study. We are currently planning a study for patients with ENS. The opinion of patients who are abroad and wish to undergo treatment with exosomes is especially important to us. If you are considering such a medical solution for yourself and are ready to come to Ukraine, please let us know. If there is a group of patients, we will provide free treatment for you.

More about the study

The visit to the GOOD CELLS clinic as part of the study will last only 1 day, during which an examination, doctor's consultation, and injection of the exosome-containing product GoodEXOCells for neurological disorders will be carried out. The introduction will be carried out in a less invasive way than the introduction of stem cells. The introduction will be carried out in the manipulation room, not in the operating room.After the procedure, each patient will also receive a vial of exosome-containing product for use at home to continue therapy. The product will be provided in convenient packaging — in the form of a nasal spray. The use of the product as part of the study will last 2 weeks, after which the doctor will conduct a repeated questionnaire to monitor the effectiveness and provide a medical conclusion.


Important information

We draw your attention to the fact that the clinic is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Please check whether your country's embassy recommends/allows you to visit Kyiv at this difficult time.
We remind you that our team is trying to ensure the safe stay of all our patients in the clinic. For all foreign guests who decide to come for treatment at GOOD CELLS in Kyiv within the framework of the use of this product and any other treatment programs, we provide a free transfer (the railway station — the hotel — the clinic).The building where the GOOD CELLS clinic and laboratory are located is guarded around the clock and has a bomb shelter. Your safety and comfort is the most important thing for us!
Would you like to have exosome therapy? Are you ready to come to Ukraine for its introduction in 1-2 months?
Your feedback is important to us! We are waiting for your answers in the comments below or by e-mail: moc.sllecdoog%40emoclew


Thank you!

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