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Exosomes by GOOD CELLS in trichology. The owner’s experience of the chain of clinics TRYFONOVA M.D.


GOOD CELLS lab is the first laboratory in Ukraine that produces exosomes. In 2020, we got a unique patent for producing an exosomal product for use in trichology. Immediately, we began active cooperation with partners, including the chain of clinics TRYFONOVA M.D.
We have already received convincing results from the use of exosomes in trichology, so we could not miss the conference “Medical Trichology: What’s New?”. It took place on March 3 and was arranged by such organizations as ESTET and PRO BHUB. Cosmetology — leaders in creating specialized content for cosmetologists and trichologists.
Maria Trifonova, a cosmetology specialist with 13 years of experience and the owner of the TRYFONOVA M.D. chain of clinics, presented our achievements on joint treatment at the conference. Maria’s clinics provide the highest quality services. They are equipped with the latest equipment and work with advanced cosmetology and trichology technologies


Maria spoke about the usage of exosomes in well-known clinics and medical centers worldwide. What is more, she demonstrated the results of treating her patients with an exosomal product provided by GOOD CELLS and shared the secret of her long and beautiful hair. Spoiler: thanks to exosomes :)More than 100 beauty specialists have watched the online presentation.
If you missed this event — don’t worry! We took care of you in advance and saved a video of Maria’s speech. Watch it on the YouTube channel GOOD CELLS clinic.
Have you listened to the conference online? We prepared a nice bonus for you!

Exosomes for the treatment of alopecia

Are you an expert on beautiful hair and looking for new technologies to work with? Are you planning to try exosomes? Especially for you, we have collected information about exosomal therapy at
Do you want to get rid of alopecia and dream of healthy hair? We advise you to read the All about beautiful hair site section. There you will find a lot of exciting things about exosomes and even more.

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