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Consultations for patients with ENS



Dear patients and ENS community members,Thank you for your interest in stem cell therapy for ENS. We are impressed with a large number of requests for ENS treatment. Our team tries to be attentive and help every patient.

Free consultations for ENS-patients

We provide twenty-minute free consultations, additional information, answers to other questions that do not relate to the treatment program, and so on to every patient. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many patients do not prepare for an online appointment with a doctor, which is provided free of charge, doctors are forced to answer many additional questions after the consultation. This is the reason why doctors are really overwhelmed.

Second consultation

Nevertheless, we always try to provide high-quality information, high-quality treatment. We really want to help everyone, but it is very difficult when there is no clear schedule and discipline. In order to continue to provide quality services for all patients, we have to make a second consultation paid for patients who are not being treated in our clinic and for patients who would like to ask questions not connected with ENS. We would like to emphasize that, as before, we will provide the first consultation free of charge, during which we will be able to resolve all issues regarding the treatment program individually with each patient. If, after the first free consultation, there are additional questions to the doctor, we will provide a paid consultation. The cost of the consultation will be 2750 UAH (about 100 USD).

For patients who are already undergone a treatment program

Please pay attention that we continue to accompany patients who have already undergone a treatment program in our clinic free of charge. Our managers will definitely contact you in 3, 6 and 9 months after the treatment procedure to find out how you feel, whether your indicators have improved, and the doctor will give recommendations for further therapy. In case of emergency, we will also be in touch with you.
With great understanding and gratitude for your trust, we turn to you with this request. We hope for your understanding and support, and we always keep in touch with you.

Do you need a consultation? Please leave a request in the line below, and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Thank you!

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