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Consultation with a GOOD CELLS biotechnologist


exosomes from msc

GOOD CELLS doctors constantly provide consultations to clients on treatment using cell therapy methods. We are grateful to everyone interested in new methods and developments in medicine and biotechnology. The GOOD CELLS team also receives a lot of inquiries about the use of stem cells, and we are interested in our clients being informed about the essence of such methods and being able to discuss all questions before treatment, and get an independent specialist opinion. Therefore, GOOD CELLS offers a new service - online consultation with a biotechnologist.

Consultation with a biotechnologist

A biotechnologist is a laboratory specialist who develops and manufactures biotechnological products. It is he who best understands the features and properties of cellular products. The new service will provide an opportunity to discuss with a biotechnologist the mechanism of action of cells, exosomes and other derivative products, to get acquainted with the details and features of methods and products, not only those that we offer in therapy, but also other biotechnological products that are offered to you in other medical institutions.
Actual questions that the GOOD CELLS biotechnologists are competent in:
What are "stem cells"? How are mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated? From what sources can stem cells be isolated? What are they? How does the action potential of MSCs differ from different sources? Description of GOOD CELLS biotechnological products.What is the difference between autologous and allogeneic biotech products? Action potential of own and donor stem cells and its comparison. Fundamentals of MSC cultivation and production of biotechnological products. How do we control product quality at all stages of production? Safety of using stem cells for treatment (oncogenicity, ability to transform, etc.). Use of stem cells and other biotechnological products for rejuvenation. Preservation of umbilical cord blood, various types of bio insurance for children, adults and infants - real prospects for application in Ukraine and the world.
A biotechnologist will be able to advise patients with empty nose syndrome (ENS) regarding:1. Three-component methylcellulose graft: its production, composition, mechanism of action, and how we improve this method by improving biotechnological products.2. The working principles of the influence of other biotechnological products (stem cells, exosomes, etc.) on the treatment of ENS. Please check out GOOD CELLS' empty nose treatment program.

msc-derived exosomes

Service pricing

Consultation with a biotechnologist


Consultation duration 30 minutes

Consultation with a doctor

As before, GOOD CELLS provides an online consultation service with a doctor. Actual questions that the doctor is competent in:1. When is it appropriate to use your own stem cells, and when to use donor cells?2. Treatment process.3. Different protocols for the treatment of the problem, and the expediency of their use.4. The effectiveness of different types of stem cells in the treatment of various diseases.5. Possible complications when applying various methods of treatment using biotechnological products.6. The functionality of biotechnological products from a medical point of view.7. On the effectiveness of using different types of MSCs to solve various problems of ageing or banking MSCs for potential treatment.
For patients with ENS, it will be important to discuss with the doctor: The treatment process with the use of a three-component methylcellulose graft. Combining cell therapy with additional procedures and drugs. Dynamics of biotechnological grafts in ENS.
In Ukraine, GOOD CELLS offers a wide selection of bio insurance programs for any age, as well as body rejuvenation, as well as skin and hair improvement complexes.Please note! When choosing any stem cell preservation program, stem cell treatment program, rehabilitation program (after sports injuries, COVID-19 or stroke, etc.) in any part of the world, the relevance of consultation regarding the mechanism of action of that or other biotechnological product is maintaining, because the principle of action and quality standards of such products are the same everywhere.
During the consultation, you will also be able to receive comments on scientific articles on the topic that interests you. And after the consultation, if necessary, we will send additional materials to clarify your questions in more detail.

Who will benefit from the biotechnologist/physician online consultation service?

Consultation with a specialist will allow you to get an independent expert opinion and find answers to the questions that worry you to make a final decision about your health and the health of your relatives. All patients in need of treatment, who choose among treatment programs, protocols and offers of different medical facilities, will be able to discuss the benefits of different methods and possible risks, as well as ask questions about different types of biotech products, not only those used at GOOD CELLS. Cases in which you can contact an expert include the following:
● You are looking for a cryobank to store umbilical cord blood or stem cells from the placenta and umbilical cord, and you are hesitating about which umbilical cord blood bank is the best to choose.You are considering a child bio insurance service, but you doubt whether it is worth the resources spent. You want to decide which types of cells should be kept in your particular case.Prospects of banking certain types of stem cells of your child.● You are planning to use the bio insurance program, but you are putting off this decision for the future. A specialist will help you understand how age affects bio insurance in adulthood.● You are considering using stem cell rejuvenation programs or saving your cells for future use, but you are not sure if this will be effective and beneficial in your case.You can't decide on a cell therapy clinic and want to hear the selection criteria that are better to use.You want to learn about the quality and safety standards of biotech products when choosing a treatment.● You have questions or concerns about the cellular products that your doctor recommends.You have suffered a serious illness, including COVID-19, are looking for ways to effectively restore your body and are considering biotechnological methods of rehabilitation.● You are looking for an alternative treatment in case of serious diseases, in which traditional medicine does not give success.You want to understand exactly how stem cells affect the body and why they are the best medical solution for some diseases.You are a professional athlete and you take your health seriously and want to be sure that rehabilitation after possible sports injuries will be successful.You have elderly parents with several illnesses and want to provide them with the best medical technology to improve their quality of life.● You are an investor and want to better understand the biotechnology market, its features and trends, communicate with those who have been engaged in the production of stem cells for many years and understand all aspects of this business.


How to get a consultation?

1. Leave a request on the website or contact our manager in any other convenient way (call, messengers, social networks).
2. The manager will help to choose a time for consultation individually for each patient in advance.
3. Choose the desired consultation format (Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, etc.).
4. Pay for the consultation conveniently. For example, on the online payment page.

How to prepare for the consultation?

We offer a consultation duration of 30-40 minutes, and we recommend you prepare in advance a list of questions for a specialist or share scientific publications that you would like to discuss. This will help save time and use it as efficiently as possible for you. You can also share a description of the service or treatment program you have chosen for discussion.
A consultation with a specialist of GOOD CELLS will help everyone who wants to get answers to worrying questions, better get to know cell therapy methods and learn more about the treatment we offer. Thus, you will be able to more carefully choose the best option for yourself, spending time and money as consciously and efficiently as possible.
Please contact our manager to make an appointment for a consultation by number +38 (067) 242 82 22 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp) or by e-mail .moc.sllecdoog%40emoclewYou can also fill out the form below.


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