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Biotech is back! A new charity project from GOOD CELLS



How did it start?

About a month ago, our coworker saw a television story about Serhiy Buzulyak, who was diagnosed with a complex and rare condition — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).Serhiy fought at the front in the East of Ukraine, served in the police until the disease's symptoms began to occur. The man's family and friends had almost amassed a costly stem cell treatment in Germany, but the trip was constantly postponed due to bureaucratic problems.
The story impressed our team. We contacted Serhiy and offered him treatment here in Ukraine.
The case made us think: how many more people have been gathering for expensive procedures abroad for years, while in Ukraine, similar stem cell treatment has been available for more than ten years?We decided to change that. And today, together with the Ukrainian military and civil crowdfunding People's Project, we are ready to announce a joint charity project "Biotech-2"!


The project's mission is to help the Ukrainians with complex illnesses and serious injuries. While many Ukrainians are still unaware of the possibilities of regenerative medicine here, our specialists take on complex cases and treat those problems which were impossible to be solved previously.
To receive treatment during Biotech-2 will be able citizens of Ukraine who have been diagnosed with:
degenerative processes of body tissues; neurodegenerative processes; autoimmune diseases; significant injuries, etc.
The project will help Ukrainians who are unable to pay for the medical services they need on their own or are looking for a faster alternative for treatment abroad.
We already have experience of participating in similar charitable initiatives. In 2014-2017, the project "Biotech-rehabilitation of injured people" continued. During it, Good Cells specialists (at that time ilaya.regeneration) were able to help more than 60 fighters who were injured during military events in the East of Ukraine. We managed to save their limbs and restore their functionality.
If you know someone who needs medical care or rehabilitation, contact the project coordinator Mykola Kostyuk.
Mail: moc.sllecdoog%40kuitsok.nPhone: +38 063 935 13 29

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