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"BIOTECH 2.0 rehabilitation of injured people". You are fighting for our freedom — we are fighting for your health!



Since February 24, 2022, hundreds of people have been wounded every day as a result of hostilities in Ukraine. Among the wounded there are Ukrainian servicemen, Territory Defense fighters and civilians. The need for modern and effective treatments is growing every day. That is why the GOOD CELLS team is launching a unique medical charity project "BIOTECH 2.0" to help the seriously injured.
As part of the project, the GOOD CELLS biotechnology laboratory is ready to provide free cellular and cell-free products to a wide range of Ukrainian medical institutions to increase the chances of recovery of the injured as a result of hostilities.

What treatment methods will be used for treatment within the framework of “BIOTECH 2.0” project?

Regenerative medicine is a field based on the use of cellular technologies (stem cells and products based on them), aimed at partial or complete restoration of the functions of damaged tissues and organs. Stem cells have shown their effectiveness in clinical trials for the treatment of dozens of diseases of various systems and organs. One of the best results of cell therapy is shown in the healing of wounds, defects of joints and bones.
GOOD CELLS offers cellular and non-cellular biotechnology products for the treatment of the following injuries:
complex cases of bone injuries that can lead to amputation (shoulder, forearm, thigh, leg, foot); significant soft tissue injuries, wounds and burns that are difficult / long to heal. nerve injuries (partial or complete intersection).
Each case of injury is unique, so the appropriateness of the use of cell therapy methods will be determined individually by the patient's physician and cell therapy specialist.


Capability of stem cells and directions of application

As a part of the “BIOTECH 2.0” project, GOOD CELLS will provide cellular products for the application in the following areas of medicine:
Surgery postoperative conditions and complications.
Orthopedics injuries of bones and joints (fractures, bone defects, nonunion, false joint, spinal injuries); osteoarthritis (cartilage defects, ligament and tendon injuries);osteonecrosis of the femoral head; imperfect osteogenesis.
Neurosurgery nerve damage (partial or complete section).
Combustiology burns of various degrees; necrotic wounds; chronic wounds that are long / difficult to heal; granulating and trophic ulcers; extensive soft tissue defects; frostbite of various degrees and their consequences.


GOOD CELLS is a Ukrainian innovative medical company with a high-capacity biotechnology laboratory, clinic and its own cryobank. The GOOD CELLS team is developing the assets of ilaya.regeneration - a company that has been successfully operating in the market since 2010. Today, GOOD CELLS specialists successfully implement innovative stem cell treatment programs, conduct research and publish the results of their work in leading international professional journals.


GOOD CELLS biotechnology laboratory

GOOD CELLS laboratory is equipped with the most modern material and technical base, which has no analogues in Ukraine, for the production of a wide range of safe cellular and cell-free products of the highest quality.
We manufacture:1. Cultivated stem cells of different types: mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) of the umbilical cord, adipose tissue, bone marrow and other sources; neural crest-derived stem cells from the pulp of the tooth, hair follicle, skin dermis; periosteal and endothelial progenitor cells.
2. Cell-free biotechnological products: Exosomal product.
All allogeneic and autologous biotechnological products are thoroughly tested for the absence of infectious lesions and meet the minimum criteria for the determination of MSCs. Each dose is accompanied by a passport confirming the quality and safety of the product.


The effectiveness of stem cells

GOOD CELLS specialists rely on international and own experience in their practice. The effectiveness of cell therapy is confirmed by numerous clinical studies:
1. The healing effect of Wharton's jelly stem cells seeded on biological scaffold in chronic skin ulcers: A randomized clinical trial2. Validation of a long bone fracture non-union healing score after treatment with mesenchymal stromal cells combined to biomaterials3. Percutaneous administration of allogeneic bone-forming cells for the treatment of delayed unions of fractures: a pilot study

Experience and results of the "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people" project

“BIOTEX 2.0” is a continuation of the values ​​and ideas of the project "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people'', which was created and lasted in 2014-2017 to provide qualified medical care to ATO fighters who traditional medicine was unable to help. Thanks to modern biotechnological methods and skills of doctors, the project managed to save 86 soldiers from amputation.


One of the most difficult cases of the "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people" project. The size of the largest bone defect was 14 cm.

Details of the "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people" project and the history of treatment by the link.
Complete catalog of the "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people" project results.
Complete catalog of the “Skin Bank” project, which describes the results of treatment of patients with complex cases of damage to the skin and soft tissues (wounds, burns, ulcers, etc.).

Media about the project "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people"

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Videos about the achievements of "Biotech rehabilitation of injured people" project

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Biotech rehabilitation of injured people project

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Everyone can join the “BIOTECH 2.0” project!

If you are a doctor and want to use modern treatments in your practice, please fill out the form by the link.
If you or someone close to you was injured during the war in Ukraine, please discuss with your doctor the possibility of using biotech products in the treatment process and ask him to contact us. GOOD CELLS biotechnologists and cell therapy specialists will provide all the necessary information to our partners to make treatment as fast and effective as possible.

Criteria for selecting cases and cooperation conditions for doctors and civilians of Ukraine

It is possible to take part in the project and receive cellular products free of charge, provided that the following criteria are met:
Patients: servicemen of the Armed Forces or the Territory Defense who served with dignity and civilians of Ukraine who suffered during the hostilities. The use of biotechnological products should eliminate or significantly reduce the likelihood of disability of the patient, or the use of stem cells in this case is much more effective than traditional medicine.
Both criteria are mandatory and cannot be excluded when selecting cases.

Terms of free receipt of cellular products

1. Completion by the doctor of the initial application for participation in the project.2. Selection of the patient's case in compliance with the above criteria.3. Signing a standard package of documents for the provision of patient`s information and accompanying the manufacture and application of cellular products.4. Access to create or provide photo/video reports.
These conditions are necessary for the resources of our laboratory and team to be used as efficiently as possible. Monitoring the dynamics of treatment of each patient is necessary for timely adjustment of the program to achieve the best results.


Partnership and charity

If you would like to join the “BIOTECH 2.0” project in any way, contribute to the well-being and health of Ukrainian defenders, please contact us! We are ready to unite our efforts and give hope and an opportunity to return to a full life for the affected citizens of Ukraine.
Please follow the link to support project and Ukrainians!

Contact details

Project manager - Glib Vasyliev
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